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Welcome to my website! I am a postdoctoral researcher in the Salmon Watersheds lab at Simon Fraser University.



Email: swilson471(at)gmail (dot)com 



Twitter: @swilson1007

I've been studying fish for a long time! But it was just under a decade ago that fisheries research became a part of my formal education. I completed my first field season studying nesting bass and was ''hooked'. 


Since then I have studied behavioural ecology, conservation physiology and applied aquatic ecology in a variety of species including smallmouth bass, and pink and sockeye salmon. See my research page for more information!  


I have written this website as a way to highlight my various contributions to science (in all forms - see photography page) in lay terms, framed with interesting facts and pictures taken during my various field excursions.  Please contact me if you have any questions regarding my work or would like PDF copies of my articles!






Ever heard the saying 'timing is everything'? I'm interested in understanding whether that saying holds true or not for salmon. Juvenile salmon must time their arrival into estuaries to match with peak food availability. 

Juvenile salmon use in-land cues like temperature to determine when to migrate to the ocean. Food availability in the ocean is somewhat dependent on temperature, BUT climate change is warming land and sea at different rates, meaning that food availability in the estuary may occur earlier in the season. It is unclear whether or not salmon can adjust to the change in food availability and continue to arrive in the estuary at the right time.  

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